Wino Friday 4pm Disaster!

After a long and exhausting week, apparently there is nothing better than a nice cold glass of wine(despite only being 4pm!) So, I thought I would do the sisterly duty of tootling off to the shop to buy a bottle for the Friday night fiascos!

Not only did I realise that I was wearing sweatpants, Jesus sandals and my husbands socks (not a good look when trying to remain professional) once I arrived at the shop, there was a specific wine my sister wanted. Now I am a spirit drinker, easy to choose and EASY TO FIND!! After raking through 4 aisles of New Zealand wine, 5 phone calls to try and decipher how on earth you spell this stupid wine, one lovely lady trying to help with her 5 year old in tow and the shop lady thinking ‘Good God what on EARTH do you look like?’ (I could tell by her eyes), I resided to the fact that wine is wine and no one cares what it tastes like at the end of the bottle! So I picked the nearest wine which was over £5 (as I have been told good wine costs more than a fiver), and waddled off to the till.

Trying to maintain any dignity I had left I tried to pay contactless (because no one needs a PIN these days)- Great! Then BAM, the machine didn’t work! Low and behold, it was my sisters bank card, so not only did I not know the PIN, I had to call her at the till! Mrs old lady behind me tutting, waiting impatiently to buy her 60 Marlboro cigarettes for her Friday night TV was slowly pressing her basket into my leg….that….kind…of….hurts!!!

Phew….back in the car…wine in bag…drive the whole 300m home and we are off! But what’s that…get home to a random cat in my kitchen helping itself to my homemade slimming world quiche…give me strength…and its only 4:45pm!!!!

untitled 2


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