Cup of tea anyone?

The weekly visit from Grandma has arrived! Don’t get me wrong, I love my Grandma dearly, however having to entertain her with my weekly trials and tribulations (whilst trying not to sound a complete failure) after a late night Prosecco binge is never a good idea!

After a pathetic attempt to spruce myself up to an appropriate appearance level, (clean pants and strictly NO pyjamas!), here I am, trying to deliver some sorry excuse of an afternoon tea (I knew my Marks and Spencer tea pot would come to the rescue) with mini food… what is the actual point of mini food? Other than giving you the opportunity to eat double the calories in one sitting (slimming world WILL be pleased).

Now, I am not sure what other Grandmas are like, but mine will under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, drink tea from a mug, strictly cup and saucer ONLY!! After many attempts to get her to try out of my ‘smaller mugs’, to no avail, I finally had to find some sort of a solution as pouring half a mug placed on a dinner plate was just not going to suffice!

So last week, courtesy of work I am casually travelling to London via train. After traumatically getting wedged in the train toilets for a good 5 minutes and performing several risky yoga positions to release myself, having the wrong ticket and realising the train was out of wine, I settled for tea.  And voila!!! Problem solved…. I shall simply ask to buy a Grand Central teacup and saucer!! Feeling what I can only describe as ‘scruffy’, I plucked up the courage to ask the train conductor to buy one, after explaining I have one very particular 87 year old grandma on a weekly promise… £15 later….feeling robbed of all my dignity, I left the train… but I HAD A TEACUP AND SAUCER!!! RESULT!!

Needless to say, it now has pride place in the cupboard (next to 25 wine glasses) and quite frankly, I now feel a new connection to Grand Central!


cup of tea 2


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