How does it feel to be married?

GOOD GOD, HAVE I MISSED SOMETHING? ‘How does it feel to be married?’ If I have heard this once, I have heard it a million times!! Should something have happened? Was there a transition period that I missed? I always answer ‘Ermmm exactly the same really’.

Then I think… I’ll tell you what it is like to be married. It’s spending half the day discussing what we are having for tea. Its asking why, for the third time this week, he has washed clothes with towels… WHY??? It’s shaving your legs for a special occasion….Christmas, Easter, those kind of times. It’s spending a night watching Netflix, with ACTUAL chills and having a specific side to the sofa, and god help him if you find him sat in your spot. It’s taking deep breaths at any opportunity.

It’s the sexy texts turning into ‘Did you lock the door?’ ‘WHY are your pants on the floor AGAIN?’ ‘The cat has puked all over the bed…sorry’, ‘Why have you bought another hideous Disney pair of pyjamas…you already have 5 pairs!!’

So I ask myself again… How does it feel to be married?

Despite living with an overgrown baby who requires 24 hour reassurance and encouragement to enable him to function to an acceptable standard in real life without being detained, it’s not so bad. I have a best friend who is willing to walk with me on this crazy, unknown journey where none of us have a bleeding clue. Wish us luck!

married 2


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